Right of withdrawal

Rules for right of withdrawal

4T is a company which, on behalf of the owners, Nuuday, Telenor, Telia and 3, enters into agreements with content providers and IT companies so that they can more easily sell services where payment takes place via the users’ mobile bill or their prepaid account.

If you want to cancel your purchase, contact the service provider. Below is a description of how to do it.
If you experience that you have been charged for something via the mobile bill that you cannot acknowledge, then you should complain to your mobile company.

4T can not be contacted directly regarding customer complaints etc. Read more about this under Customer service.

When shopping online, there is basically a 14-day right of withdrawal. In the case of physical goods, the 14 days are calculated from the time you receive the goods. In the case of services, the 14 days are calculated from the time you have entered into the agreement. For all purchases where the payment is made via the mobile phone bill, it applies that it is a purchase of services.

There may be some exceptions to the right of withdrawal, for example if in connection with the purchase you have agreed not to have the right of withdrawal.

On the website where you purchased the service and in the receipt you received, it will be clearly written whether you have the right of withdrawal.


Guidance on the right of withdrawal

If you have the right of withdrawal – and want to make use of this – then here is a guide:


Look at the sender number on the SMS that you received as a receipt for your purchase (the sender number is 4-digit and starts with 1)


Here on the website under the menu item Content providers, you will find out which content provider has the relevant 4-digit number.



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