Customer service

Customer service for mobile users


4T is the extended arm of mobile companies when it comes to the daily work with content providers. To a lesser extent, 4T is involved in customer service for mobile users.

In case of billing problems, you should always first contact your mobile carrier. See more under Invoice Issues?

In case of content problems, it is the supplier that you should contact first. See more under Content Issues?

Customer service for mobile users can be divided into 2 main reasons:

Invoice problems

Content issues


Crediting your purchase


If you have agreed with the content provider that you must have your money back, this is done by the money being deposited in your prepaid account or credited to your mobile bill. To avoid fraud and attempted money laundering, it will not be possible to have the money paid out directly to a bank account.

Normally, a credit is carried out smoothly, but exceptionally, a problem may arise. If you feel that you have not been credited as agreed, then you must contact the content provider with whom you have agreed a credit. The content provider will subsequently (with 4T as an intermediary) investigate the matter further and secure your credit.

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